"If we center our children's attention on what they do well, express our confidence in their ability, and give them encouragement, their mistakes and faults may die from lack of feeding."

Rudolf Dreikurs

Positive Discipline For Montessorians

Positive Discipline for Montessori teaching staff is designed to create cooperative classroom communities where children learn through building respectful relationships. Participants will be introduced to the Positive Discipline philosophy and the tools necessary to transform classroom interactions between all community members, students, teachers, and others. Participants will learn how to encourage and empower children to learn valuable social and life skills through problem solving, class meetings, and respectful discipline methods that are both kind and firm. The workshops also cover the roots of misbehavior and train staff how to help children succeed socially and emotionally, and respond to children in a manner that promotes cooperation, respect and independence.

Workshops are designed so that teachers and staff will learn:

  • The root causes of misbehavior.
  • How to create a classroom environment that fosters respect and helpfulness, and reduces misbehavior.
  • How to develop clear and consistent practices for all adults to meet behavioral challenges respectfully and
  • How to empower children to be kind, cooperative and responsible members of their classroom community.
  • How to help children find a sense of belonging and significance.
  • How to effectively train assistants and specialists in classroom management.

Online Workshops

Chip is in the process of developing an online Positive Discipline workshops for Montessori environments that will be available in Summer 2021. These engaging, self-paced, professional development opportunities will be on-demand and accessible from anywhere that has internet access. The online format will bring these important child interaction strategies to many more organizations by making delivery more affordable and eliminating the costs and constraints of in-person, live trainings. Sign up for the mailing list to stay informed about this exciting opportunity to improve your child-interaction strategies.

Live Workshops

Chip and his team hold live, online Positive Discipline workshops for Montessori educators throughout the country (see calendar for upcoming dates) and will return to in-person trainings as soon as it is safe. Throughout the year, Chip and associates also work with individual schools, Montessori training centers, and regional Montessori school associations for staff training. Schools and organizations should call Chip directly or use his contact form for more information on scheduling a workshop or training.

Whole School Workshops & Consulting

An entire organization may want to get trained at the same time. They can arrange to have a trainer provide an exclusive workshop or series of workshops to help start them on the path to using Positive Discipline practices. 

Once schools have begun to use Positive Discipline practices within their classrooms, the next step is to develop a whole school support model to insure uniform practices and administrative support for classroom teachers. Consulting and coaching services are available to help administrators develop policies and procedures to support Positive Discipline implementation, and a program to continue staff and parent education models for long-term implementation. Contact Chip directly by phone (see below) or use his contact form to discuss training for an entire school or organization.

Previous Clients

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To find out how to bring Positive Discipline workshops, coaching, and/or consulting to your organization, use the Contact Us form or call Chip directly at 207-380-3465.


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