"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war."

Maria Montessori

Whole School Workshops and Consulting

Chip and his team hold live workshops for Montessori schools, both in-person and online, via Zoom.

Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom – Whole School Practitioner’s Workshop

The Whole-School Practitioner’s Workshop is the foundational two-day intensive workshop, designed to help schools develop a consistent, respectful, and research-based approach to classroom discipline that is fully aligned with Montessori principles.

Participants will learn to:

  • Create a classroom social/emotional environment that will reduce misbehavior.
  • Develop clear and consistent practices among adults to meet behavioral challenges respectfully and effectively.
  • Understand the roots of misbehavior in children.
  • Help children develop self-regulation, cooperation, and independence.
  • Address chronic misbehavior.
  • Help students find a sense of belonging and significance in their classroom community.
  • Develop school-wide practices that will help teachers and parents.

A  2-hour evening parent presentation is available for schools conducting the Whole School Practitioner’s Workshop. The parent presentation is conducted the evening before the first day of the workshop. Please click here form more information (link).

Positive Discipline Parenting Course – Parents’ Workshop

The Parent Course is designed to help give Montessori parents the tools they need raise children who are responsible, cooperative, respectful, confident, independent and happy. This class can be scheduled as a two-day intensive workshop or 7-week Zoom workshop.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Address misbehavior effectively.
  • Avoid power struggles and win cooperation from their children.
  • Navigate different parenting styles between spouses/partners.
  • Develop responsibility and self-discipline in their children.
  • Understand the roots of misbehavior and how adults sometimes contribute.
  • Address sibling rivalry effectively.
  • Bring the joy into parenting!

Shorter Zoom workshops for parents are available, based on scheduling availability.

Going Deeper: Developing In-House Training

Schools that wish to train their own staff to teach Positive Discipline principles to teachers and parents can continue their work with Positive Discipline with the following workshops.

Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom – Coaches Workshop

The Coach’s Workshop develops school coaches and equips them with the tools they need to start mentoring and teaching Positive Discipline principles within their schools to ensure long-term implementation. The Educator’s Workshop (above) and one-year of practice with Positive Discipline are pre-requisites for this workshop.

Teaching Positive Discipline Parenting – Facilitator’s Workshop

The Teaching Parting Facilitator’s Workshop provides Montessori Educators with the tools they need to start teaching Positive Discipline Parenting Classes. The Educator’s Workshop (above) and one-year of practice with Positive Discipline are pre-requisites for this workshop.

Empowering the Montessori Team

Empowering the Montessori Team Workshop helps Montessori school leaders create a culture of mutual respect and shared leadership using the principles of Positive Discipline. This workshop is for the whole staff. Participants will learn to facilitate the Team Problem Solving Steps and the Team Meeting process which build leadership skills and staff collaboration. The workshop will also teach empowering methods of communication that promote a respectful, highly productive workplace environment.

Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and coaching services are available to support school leaders as they implement Positive Discipline principles within their schools.

Chip provides support with:

  • Developing staff best-practices for Positive Discipline implementation
  • Incidents of challenging or serious behavioral challenges
  • Navigating difficult parent communications
  • Addressing authentic bullying behavior effectively
  • Developing continuing education for teacher and parent education models for long-term Positive Discipline implementation
  • Addressing challenging adult behaviors in staff and parents
  • Creating policies and procedures to support Positive Discipline principles and practices within the school.

Consulting and coaching services can be billed hourly or contracted annually based on need. Please contact Chip directly for more information.

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