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Welcome to Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom – Practitioner’s Class.  This online interactive training, based on the book, Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom, by Jane Nelsen and me, will help participants learn how to implement respectful, effective, and time-tested methods of classroom management that reflect our deepest values as Montessori educators: mutual respect, cooperation, responsibility, empathy, and independence. 

Classes will be held online via Zoom.


Chip DeLorenzo

Class meeting times:  Monday evenings

  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm Central
  • 5:00pm – 7:00pm Mountain
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm Pacific

Class Dates: 

  • February 14th
  • February 28th
  • March 7th
  • March 14th
  • March 21st
  • March 28th
  • April 4th
  • April 11th


You will find a copy of our book, Positive Discipline in the Montessori Classroom, within the learning platform on my website.  If you reside in the Continental US, Canada or Puerto Rico, you will receive a hard copy of the book in the mail.  Books will be mailed out on Friday, October 22nd.  Hard copy books are not included with the course if you reside outside of the Continental US, Canada or Puerto Rico.  All other materials will be available online on the learning platform.

  • Positive Discipline In the Montessori Classroom, book.  (To be mailed the Friday before the start of the first class.)
  • Workbook (Online on learning platform) – Please print this document.
  • Handouts (Online on the learning platform)

Learning Platform

The learning platform is the online classroom and is accessed by logging onto my website  www.chipodelorenzo.com.  Each week, on Wednesdays, I will post a video recording of the Monday evening session. You will also find a copy of the workbook that follows this class.  Be sure to print out a copy of the workbook, as you will be taking notes and recording observations in the workbook throughout the class.  Handouts may also be posted from week to week on the platform, as appropriate, as well as the homework to be completed after each session.  The class’s Zoom link and password will be posted on the Learndash platform. 

Zoom Link


Meeting ID: 852 7266 7065
Passcode: 481018

You will receive a separate email with instructions on how to log onto the learning platform.


After each session, you will have a reading assignment to do, as well as some short activities for you to do with your students (observations, case studies, practice with tools, etc.).

Attendance and Participation

This course is experiential and depends on the active participation of participants in the activities and discussions.  With that in mind, participants are asked to attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 sessions, live.  We also ask that you keep your video on during the classes, as we will be using breakout sessions throughout each session.  If you are not able to participate in a session actively, we will post video recordings on the learning platform each week.


At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion for the course indicating 24-course- hours (eight 2-hour Zoom sessions, and 8 hours of reading/homework in-between sessions).

To obtain your certifiate, you will need to take the “quiz” at the end of Session 8.  This “quiz” is a course evaluation.  When you complete the quiz, you will be prompted to print a certificate.  Be suer to do this as soon as you finish the quiz, or you will need to take the quiz again to print the certificate!

W really look forward to working with you!  Please let us know if you have any questions!  Feel free to email us at:

Chip: chipdelorenzo@gmail.com


Warm regards,

Chip DeLorenzo

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